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Bitter Gourd Light Green Seeds

Bitter Gourd Light Green Seeds

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Bitter Gourd Light Green Seeds

Health benefits of bitter gourd more than compensate for its slightly bitter taste. It keeps blood sugar levels in check, fights cholesterol, cleanses the liver, and catalyzes weight loss. When cooked the right way, it tastes delicious.

Level of difficulty to grow: 

Days to maturity: 45-50 Days

Plant spacing: 47 x 18 inches

Light Requirement: Expose the plants to full sun during the day.

Soil Requirement: Bitter gourd requires well-drained, light, and nutrient-rich soil.

Water Requirement: Keeping the soil moist at all times is vital. Do not overwater your plants or let the soil dry up.

Harvesting: Pluck out your first harvest once the bitter gourd fruits mature. The plant will yield fruits for 45 days after this.

Growing Tip: Soak the required number of seeds in water overnight before sowing for better germination. Sow 3-4 seeds per dibble and cautiously remove the non germinated seeds after the seedling grows. The plant will require staking.

No of seeds per packet - 10 seeds approx

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