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Cutard Apple Seeds

Cutard Apple Seeds

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Cutard Apple Seeds

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Custard Apple Botanically known as Annona squamosa from Annonaceae family. Common name are Sitaphal, Sugar apple red, Sweetsop. It is a small many branched semi-evergreen tree. 

This Variety seed of custard apple is most adaptable variety and yielding of this variety is too high when compared to other custard apple. The fruit is medium size and green in color with sweet in taste. It can be planted in any corner of the garden and requires less water and does best in dry climates. 

The tree should only be planted outdoors in frost-free areas protected from cold winds. It is best grown in rich, evenly moist but well-drained soils in full sun to semi-shade.

MAXIMUM HEIGHT - It can reach upto 2-4 meter.

BLOOMING YEAR - It blooms in summer & spring season(May-September) in many parts of India, sometimes it may vary based on climate of particular area.

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