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Purple Cauliflower(बैंगनी फूलगोभी) F1 Hybrid Seeds

Purple Cauliflower(बैंगनी फूलगोभी) F1 Hybrid Seeds

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Purple Cauliflower(बैंगनी फूलगोभी) F1 Hybrid Seeds

Exotic Vegetable

no of seeds per packet- 20

Fruit Color- purple(बैगनी)

Special Character- Good size high quality seed with high germiation rate

Purple cauliflower consists of a medium to large head, averaging 15 to 30 centimeter in diameter, and is sometimes surrounded by green leaves that bear a thick, fibrous midrib. The heads are comprised of many tightly closed, branching florets that firm, slightly crumbly, and range in colour from lavender, violet to dark purple. 

Purple cauliflower, botanically classified as Brassica oleracea var. botrytis, is a colourful, cool-season hybrid variety belonging to the Brassicaceae family. The pigmented cultivar was developed through years of traditional crossbreeding between heirloom varieties and natural mutations discovered in fields.

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