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Sahajan/Moringa/Drumstick Seeds

Sahajan/Moringa/Drumstick Seeds

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Sahajan/Moringa/Drumstick Seed

Moringa Seeds, Drumstick Seeds, Sahajan Seeds,Subhanjana,Ben Tree, Moringa Oleifera Seed  

Common Name
  • Drumstick
Flowering Plant
  • Yes
Suitable For
  • Indoor, Outdoor
Type of Seed
  • Vegetable
  • Yes

Seeds per packet - 10-15 seeds

Moringa is the widely cultivated species of the genus Moringa. English common names include moringa, drumstick tree, from the appearance of the long, slender, triangular seed pods, horseradish tree, from the taste of the roots which resembles horseradish, ben oil tree or benzoil tree, from the oil derived from the seeds. It is a fast-growing, drought-resistant tree that is native to the southern foothills of the Himalayas in northwestern India, but widely cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical areas. The tree itself is rather slender, with drooping branches that grow to approximately 10m in height. In cultivation, it is often cut back annually to 1–2 meters and allowed to regrow so the pods and leaves remain within arm's reach. In developing countries, moringa has potential to improve nutrition, boost food security, foster rural development, and support sustainable landcare. It may be used for livestock, a micronutrient liquid, a natural anthelmintic and possible adjuvant. For edible landscaping, a Moringa tree is hard to beat. This versatile tree can be grown year round in any tropical climate, and successfully grown as an annual, in temperate zones.Fast-growing, nutritious, and lovely to behold, Moringa is gaining in popularity daily.


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